What is Ferrofluid? – Testing Your Own Ferrofluid

Ferrofluid is a weird liquid. It floats on water, has no solid surface, and it reacts to magnetic fields in just the same way that iron filings will react to being exposed to an electromagnetic field. If you’ve ever seen a magnetic mud bath before, then you’re probably familiar with the strange-colored liquid that floats… Continue reading What is Ferrofluid? – Testing Your Own Ferrofluid

Practical Use Of Magnets

Colorful Periodic Table of the Elements - shows atomic number, symbol, name, atomic weight, electrons per shell, state of matter and element category

Magnets for sale retains innumerable prospective applications for the current ring magnets along with Do it yourself. They’re utilized in all from car or truck batteries for construction machines. These connectors that are versatile can also be molded to many sizes and shapes and extend an assortment of operation functions. Here We’ll Analyze the varied… Continue reading Practical Use Of Magnets